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1. How to Reverse Brain Shrinkage in Alzheimer's
Treating symptoms, reliable early diagnosis, addressing disease triggers and reversing poor cognition are the exciting directions of research in Alzheimer’s Disease.

2. Alzheimer’s Patients and Caregivers Can Exercise to Better Health and Happiness
Physical exercise helps to prevent or slow down physical and mental deterioration. The latest research demonstrates that Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers benefit by a routine fitness program. Here are some basic concepts for creating an exercise program for Silver Sneakers.

3. How to Show Alzheimer’s Patients Respect
One essential quality lacking in today’s Alzheimer’s care is a genuine respect for the patient. The diagnosis of cognitive impairment carries the stigma of “losing your mind,” “senility,” or “being empty headed.” Here are some tips to restore dignity to the cognitively impaired.

4. Curry Shows Promise in Alzheimer’s Prevention
New immune-boosting strategies could alter the course of treatment for Alzheimer’s. Recently, curcumin has shown great promise in combating Alzheimer’s and cancer.

5. Holiday Tips for the Caregiver
The Holidays are coming and along with it fun and nervous energy. As a caregiver to an Alzheimer’s patient, it is often difficult to feel festive and grateful. Here are some tips to reset your rythm and enjoy the holidays.

6. Living in the Moment with Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s is a disease about letting go of resentment and anger. You get a fresh start every moment. We can all learn to live in the moment.

7. Alzheimer’s - A Spiritual Interpretation
Alzheimer's reveals one of life's secrets, to live in the moment.

8. Alzheimer's Personal Advice Column
An Alzheimer´s caregiver, patient, or even someone whose memory is overloaded often feels isolated and trivialized. This column will give you the opportunity to take back your power, express your feelings and find a support system. Live Better and heal from within.

9. A New Alzheimer’s Diagnostic Test Can View the Disease
A new test has been created which can diagnose Alzheimer’s even before a person shows any symptoms. This will greatly enhance researchers’ ability to evaluate the effectiveness of new drug therapies which should dramatically speed up the development of a cure for this dreaded disease.

10. How to Handle Alzheimer's Paranoia
She has been very ugly to me, and said she would rather be in a nursing home than with me. She is making it hard to care for her.

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