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1. Alzheimer’s Patients and Caregivers Can Exercise to Better Health and Happiness
Physical exercise helps to prevent or slow down physical and mental deterioration. The latest research demonstrates that Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers benefit by a routine fitness program. Here are some basic concepts for creating an exercise program for Silver Sneakers.

2. Chocolate and Your Brain
Exciting new research claims that chocolate might provide neuroprotective benefit for Alzheimer’s.

3. Vitamin D3 and Curcumin Clear Amyloid-Beta
UCLA academic researchers are closer to explaining how vitamin D3 may help the body rid the brain of amyloid beta which is found in the plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease.

4. How to Show Alzheimer’s Patients Respect
One essential quality lacking in today’s Alzheimer’s care is a genuine respect for the patient. The diagnosis of cognitive impairment carries the stigma of “losing your mind,” “senility,” or “being empty headed.” Here are some tips to restore dignity to the cognitively impaired.

5. Does the Common Cold Sore Virus Cause Alzheimer’s?
There is a new theory on the Alzheimer’s block with a simple and cheap solution. British scientists have observed a connection between the cold sore virus, herpes simplex, and Alzheimer´s.

6. Maria Shriver Advocates for Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s disease is in the spotlight with a new celebrity, Maria Shriver, who has come forward to advocate for disease sufferers including their families. Also, recent advances in Alzheimer´s research.

7. Alzheimer’s and Halloween
Alzheimer’s and Halloween have something in common- they are both scary! Here are some tips for a fun Halloween:

8. Several Links to Dementia
Research studies are focusing on various links to dementia which could possibly create a tipping point or hasten disease process.

9. How to Celebrate the Holidays
The holidays are exciting, just bursting with festivities: Lights, colors, new furniture, visitors and parties. However, for the Alzheimer’s patient this time period might be overwhelming, even frightening. Here are seven coping tools to make the holiday brighter for both caregiver and loved one.

10. Alzheimer’s - The Therapeutic Benefits of Writing Memoirs
If Alzheimer’s erases memory, then the patient must compensate for this memory loss. Writing things down relieves the burden of recall! Look at all the positive goals memoir writing will accomplish.

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